Project 6

Spite : Infected Grounds

What I did

In this project I learned about Navmesh, and I had to use it for my AI. It was a interesting experience and the project was in our own engine. But the engine had no editor, so we used Unity engine and then ship the assets into our engine.

I developed some events systems (Text, trigger, etc) in Unity and then exported the data to our engine. But the most time I’ve worked on was the AI. I worked on a melee AI, Ranged AI and a Boss AI. All of them uses a state machine.

The melee AI was simple, first starts in idle state with going to random points in Navmesh within a range given. Had a circle detection and when the player was inside, it would go into a hunting state, trying to navigate through the Navmesh. When close enough it would attack.

The range AI had a similar idle state, but in its hunting state it would then try to shoot at the player within a range. Move closer if it’s not enough distance, but it had a special gimmick, if the player move to close, the entity will then explode. Trying to damage the player. (It has a warning before exploding)

The boss AI was the most complex but fun to develop, had several states for attacks and stages for different attacks usage or availability to attacks. It had ranged attacks for area denial, sweep attacks, stab attacks and a summon attack. The stages it had was dependent on how much remaining health the boss had, example stage 1: 100% => 76%, stage 2: 75% => 51% etc.

Event Management

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