Patrik Edhenholm

AI and Gameplay programmer


Decompression is a fast-paced shooter game made in own engine (ISTE) under 15 weeks

AI Gameplay And Visual Scripting

A fun project I’ve worked hard on, it had some challanges but fun developing the AI with visual scripting from the ground up.

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Spite : Infected Grounds

Infected Grounds is a ARPG game made in a own engine (ISTE) under 12 weeks

AI Gameplay And Event Management

In this project I learned about navmesh and I had to use it for my AI. It was a interesting experience and the project was in our own engine.

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Halite is a post-apocalyptic exploration game made in The Game Assembly’s Engine (TGE:3D) in 8 weeks.

AI Gameplay

After my fourth project, I’ve learned a lot about AI and wanted to do better than before. But at the time I did not know all AI techniques so my AI became a brute force type of AI, deciding it’s decisions after events while in diffrent states.

Exempel it would patrol as idle, when player get’s to close in it’s cone of vision, it then switches to a hunting state, going directly at the player. If the enemy collides with a wall on the way it would do a brute force calcuations which way (Left or right) would be shortest path to the player.

Diagram on states and behaviour below.

Old Projects

These projects where my first working experiences with a team and my start to learn a lot.
Also under these projects I worked on other types of fields than AI except 4.

Project 1 : Starfall

Development time 6 weeks
Made in Unity Engine

Scene Management

I was tasked to handle scenes in unity and how we should switch between different levels.

Q&A Tester

Mostly on the last weeks, I was testing the game and made sure everything was working as intended.

Player Collision

In the beginning while doing scenes, I was also tasked to make the player collide correctly with the map.

Project 2 : Gold Diggers

Development time 6 week
Made In Unity Engine

Scene Manager

Mostly it was controlling how the player goes to another level, reseting the level and loading the level.

Game Manager

Object management, saving/loading and player infomation.
I also worked some tools for level editing.

Project 3 : Curse Of Decay

Development time 8 week
Made in The Game Assembly’s Engine (TGE:2D)

UI : Main menu, Pause menu, etc.

I mostly handle menu, level selector and other UI elements. I also needed to use The Game Assembly’s own engine for the projekt. I also needed to implement console support for all UI elements and PC.


I also helped with collision inside the game and tested the game a lot to make sure everything was working correctly.

Project 4 : Old Bones

Development time 8 week
Made in The Game Assembly’s Engine (TGE:2.5D)

In this project I started for the first time with AI for our enemies and it went not great but I was intrigued in AI and wanted to improve myself.

AI : Enemies

I was tasked with something new and it was hard, but I learned a great deal about making AI and what not to do.

I worked on different enemy behaviours but was simple at best, flying enemies, plant enemies that shoot at player and patrolling enemies that hunt the player.

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